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In 2004 Miqueas Thärigen started  to promote and  spread culturally the Historical Palacio Barolo. His purpose was always to increase the  building´s  and its owners prestige. Thanks to all of them, the guided tours are possible. But, above all, Miqueas objective  is to gain recognition as the most emblematic building in Buenos Aires city.
Miqueas’ great-grandfather, Carlos E. Jorio, passionate about the Divine Comedy, obtained an office in 1926 to work in his profession.     As a result, Miqueas  studied its history and explored every corner of the building. After completing his medical studies, he decided to take up the project “Palacio Barolo Tours¨ whom he joined his brother Tomas. Actually  both are the Art designers and  promoters .
    Together they performed the guided tours with great enthusiasm. They recognized the trajectory of Carlos E. Jorio and shared his legacy while considering valuable Mario Palanti´s great architectural work. All these years of work as guides allowed them to live wonderful experiences, meet people from all over the world, and they always receive excellent feedback, letters and even books signed by the visitors.
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