Divina Comedia
Among the three divisions of the Divine Comedy , Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise , Sita Borges in his " Nine Dantesque trials," the Pythagorean relationship determines the number Pi (3.14 ) holds ; this relationship is given in the original division of access by the lifts.
Arch. Palanti was also a student of the Divine Comedy, and filled the Palace with references to it.
The floor of the building is built based on the golden section and the golden number.

The general division of the Palace and the Divine Comedy is in three parts: Hell, Purgatory and Heaven. Access the nine vaults represent the nine steps of initiation and nine hellish hierarchies; It lighthouse representing the nine angelic choirs. On the lighthouse is the constellation of the Southern Cross which is aligned with the axis of Barolo on the first days of June at 19:45 hours. The building height is 100 meters and 100 are the songs of Dante's work; Floor has 22 verses as verses of the Divine Comedy.

The attention to detail characterize this project: from personal appointments in Latin on the work of Dante in the building, to the opening thereof, held on the anniversary of the poet.

The architect Carlos Hilger details the similarities of the building with the work of Dante, "The Divine Comedy"
"The layout of the building is based on the metric of the Divine Comedy of Dante. In this architecture known as a Danteun.

Building is divided into two blocks, offices block 11 in each of the levels. The remaining number, 22, responds to the metric used by Dante in the 100 cantos

In the central passage, the palace has 9 domes representing access to hell: Dante, this was not a theological purpose, but the starting point in the stages of initiation undertaken for the arrival of paradise.
9 vaults are divided, from the center, as follows:. Three facing the Avenida de Mayo, three facing Hipolito Yrigoyen, the central dome extends into the dome and containing the stairs to the side.
Each of the six cross vaults, as well as two side contain inscriptions in Latin, and can be distinguished fourteen citations belonging to a total of nine different works, thus keeping the number that is repeated throughout the Divine Comedy. Some of them belong to Virgilio, others biblical scriptures. "The letter kills, the spirit giveth life" and "is founded on solid rock," testify to the spiritual sense with which the building was constructed, determining its nature and function: a secular temple that promotes the liberal arts.

Among the cross vaults on columns, four lamps supported by four condors and two dragons, one male and one female, representing the alchemical principles, mercury and sulfur, and their attributes they are located.

The central dome is a point of bronze which originally stood a statue of a condor with the body of Dante elevating him to paradise. The current owner of the piece is a marplatense collector who refuses to sell it to the building owners.

The upper floors and the dome symbolize the seven levels of purgatory.

The dome is inspired by a Hindu temple dedicated to love, and is the emblem of the realization of the union of Dante with his beloved Beatrice.

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