Why rent an office in the Palacio Barolo?

The Barolo Palace is considered one of the most emblematic buildings of the city of Buenos Aires, declared a National Heritage since 1997. The administrator Roberto Campbell has been dedicated to recover the building to its original state, restoring the prestige and highlighting the cultural value for the venturers may exercise their professions with greater institutional and obtain recognition of its customers in the place where they operate.

Currently the building has the following services:

-Security 24 hours.

Security -Wireless recording 24 hours. (They can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet).

-Access Free WiFi on the ground floor.

Count on 7 lifts providing access to 22 apartments (only 18 are trademarks).

-Central heating.

-Expensas Include electricity costs.

-Personal Qualified exclusive building for technical maintenance and cleaning.


Palacio Barolo Administration

Street address

Av . De Mayo 1370 9th Esc . 249/52

C1085ABQ – Buenos Aires – Argentina

Phone (Monday to Friday from 11 am to 18 pm )

+54 11 4381 2425

+54 11 4383 1065

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